Broken Xbox

Broken Xbox

So, you’ve been playing with your Xbox 360 all week, and it seems to be working just fine. After that 36 hour round of Assassin’s Creed, however, you’re beginning to wonder just how well it is going to hold up, as you’ve been hearing a lot as to how they can sometimes break. But what are the normal breaking points? Can these broken areas be fixed without taking them into a “professional”? These are some very good questions that can be answered rather quickly, but you will have to diagnose as to why your broken Xbox is having some issues. This can happen on a regular basis, but what are the usual main culprits?  

The Red Rings Of Death

Everywhere you look, almost anytime someone mentions something about their Xbox being broken, it has to do with the “red light of death”. In essence, when the user attempts to turn on the unit, the circle around the “on” button reads no more than a red light, and the Xbox is unresponsive to your attempts to turn on the machine.

The reason why this worries many people is for the simple fact that the inability to even turn on the broken Xbox will eliminate your ability to toggle through the troubleshooting items with the machine on. You won’t be able to do anything, and your Xbox 360 is now no more than an expensive paperweight.

The Towel Method

Last, this problem may be a result of certain complex electrical issues that often only respond to heat (soldering). The most simple, yet effective fix online is the Towel Method.

This method involves turning on your system. Yes, there will be nothing appearing on the screen, but that’s quite all right.  

Then, simply wrap the unit in towels, to make sure that the heat that the broken Xbox generates is captured inside that pocket. Once that is over, all you need to do is leave it there for the next 15 minutes. 

Come back, then take all the towels off. The unit should be quite hot at this point, so allow some time for a cooling period. After that, simply restart it, and the unit should work for you. 

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